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"All healing - body, mind, soul - must come from Him. All applications - as we have indicated, of a mechanical nature, of a medicinal or of a suggestive nature - are only to stimulate any portion of the body, mind or soul activities to coordinate and collaborate with the spiritual force of the body - soul itself." (1467-13) Edgar Cayce

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New item added!!!  A new more affordable Ice Appliance (IAP) has been added to our offerings. The copper Ice Appliance is once again available by special order.

 I  manufacture two of the most amazing and helpful appliances, as well as related supplies, that were recommended in the readings given by Edgar Cayce. They are the Wet Cell Appliance and the Ice Appliance (Radio Active Appliance, Impedance device, Radial appliance, etc.). Both of which are electrotherapeutic appliances working vibrationaly with the body's own natural electronic fields.

The Ice Appliance is most often used to balance the body's energy system and to provide a natural rest to the system.  The information that came through Cayce often said that hooking up to the appliance was  similar in effect to  natural sleep in regenerating the body.  One of the key differences between the Ice Appliance and the Wet Cell, is that the Ice Appliance can only be used by the first person who uses it.  It builds to that individual persons unique vibrational energy. It is activated by placing it in a non-metallic container surrounded by ice and water for 20 to 30 minutes prior to use.

I particularly like using the IAP with solutions.  I have found that if I am the least bit depressed or low on energy, I can hook myself up to the IAP with gold chloride in the solution jar and almost immediately feel an improvement.  Some suggestions for using the IAP in this manner are included with each IAP shipped.

The Wet Cell is generally used if you have already developed and been diagnosed with a serious medical condition.  The Wet Cell is an actual battery that produces an electrical charge similar to the body's own natural electrical potential and the charging chemicals must be renewed each month.   One Wet Cell Appliance could be used by many different people if necessary, simply by using different solution jars and wires for each.

I use the highest quality materials available, attention to detail, personalized handcrafting, and  complete adherence to Edgar Cayce's readings on how the appliances should be constructed, which all adds up to superior value for your money. 


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